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Reviews for "Xerox Machine"

Good beat, but I've heard "DANCE" before

I liked it, but for it might help to use less "default" FL Studio samples, just for future reference. A lot of people are using FL Studio on here, myself included.

Kannon1 responds:

Mabe nextime ill put in EAT, or RETARDED!!!


The guy below me means Jet Set Radio Future the game.
But this also sounds like the game Phantom Crash.

Omfg JSRF was such a good fuckin game.

This sounds a little familiar

Not bad. This sounds like something from Jet Set Radio Future or something.

Kannon1 responds:

Jet Radio Future? Never heard of them before.


I could never figure out ya sounds...but they always seem to sound good. Nice beat man, ya stuff always make me wanna go do suttin.

Jeebus digs.

I like this, man. It's chill, it's peaceful... Man, I've got a lot of your stuff on my phone. You're providing some serious smoke-a-bowl tunage.

Teh Great Jeebus hast provided thou with a seal of his holiest approval, Kannon 1. When I make my comeback, you'll be spared.

10/10, 5/5.

Kannon1 responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you enjoy my music. Good looks hommie. YEAH!!!