Reviews for "Red"

looks horrible

this is great.
Prett awesome illustation here.
The texture looks really good and the constrast factors are beutiful.
one thing you can work on it the area under the neck, i think it may need some refining.
5/5 10/10


looks lovely, particularly the woman. The shading is nice and I like the style. My only problem is the background is a little too plain in my opinion. Maybe a bit more texture to it would help. Just enough to make it interesting, but not enough to detract from the subject.

This is art

It reminds me to a Renaissance work, maybe from the quattrocento, but can't rememember which.


This is just incredible, I love how well shaded the face is! Great job!!!

Very good work

This is an awesome drawing for these days. Very nicely drawn and original as well. Heck you got a 10 rating out of me, and that is very rare here. Good work once again.