Reviews for "King Kong New Year"


heeey another fellow russian good to see that. pretty good movie and funny too gonna check uot ur site.


Well, an incredible well done intro with amazing animations and movements, this was a short clip of some well done light affects and graphic movements, the kong character was a great idea for the New Year and the animations of the screaming people and the backround buildings/lights were well done. Great smooth animations in this short movie clip with some good humor and a good ending joke

overall a greatly detailed Kong character on his newyears rampage and a funny ending, great short and nice animations and color affects.

Very Good...

I liked it. Very origional. And the preloader was cool.

great style

very very good.
the style was fantastic!!
keep it up !


Holy Crap! That was fantastic! Graphics were stupendace. It was very, VERY well animated too. Music was good. So were the sound fx. A really cool short. Amazing movie, esprecially for your first. Excellent work. Keep it up!