Reviews for "Shades of Green"

Your the best

Theres nothing else I can really say, except to KEEP IT UP!

Your loyal and permanent fan,


sort of puts me on the sad side *sob* nah just jokes awessome dude

very well made!

i mellowed out on this one! awesome when working for school
found this on the pico animation but tbh, it didn't fit in it 100%
this song makes me think of a man running and you just see all the places he's running by... awesome song


very soothing and relaxing

im a crappy review writer but here i go! `-.-

im not as good at writing reviews like some of these other guys lolz..... but i did enjoy your piece. its very soothing at times and a very noice trance melody to it. it honestly reminds me of some of the older sega genesis sonic soundtracks :) you did a really great job with this piece.