Reviews for "Shades of Green"

Slow but Powerfull

Though not the deepest trance I have seen on Newgrounds this track managed to have an overwhelming feel of power in the build up and admittedly caused me to shed a tear when I heard the simple shrill section at about 02:30. This also manages to have a deep pained feel that complements the powerful sound too. It has really touched my heart, thank you for making it, make more please!


dude this pwns alot of slow trances i heard in my life
and i am a usually a happy hardcore person
this is such a perfect heavenly trance(i give my own genres to certain trance songs)
and this is a perfect heavenly trance
mastered and everything
ima go and sleep with this on repeat and not even know ing that it si repeating because this is a perfect loop too


I don't think they're identical, but this and Asian Temptation are way, way too similar - I don't like both now. ):

They could've been great if I only heard one .xD

very intresting

i would like to know what you where thinking about at the time when you made this IMPRESSIVE song just blows my mind


its just so nice to listen to lol