Reviews for "Shades of Green"


i love it keep it up

sweet! :D

this is pretty cool, however not the best :/ dont get me wrong u have an awesome tallent and i think that you can and will make something even more epic! :D this song would be pretty sweet with added lyrics cuz it reminds me of breathe carolina for some reason haha :p 10 out of 10

I really like this.

The classical feeling to it, yet very trance-ish anyways. It's a perfect mix IMO. It's a really great song. It has a calm tempo during most of the time, but it has a nice blend of everything. Great song, I love it.


I like this a lot, electronic feeling and trance elements in balance. :)

So cool ^_^

This was another fantastic track from you,i loved it's mix of epicness & intensity while having a calmness about it that was pretty relaxing at the same time,i like that this was a summer like song now that you mention it cause it's a good analogy,overall i enjoyed this song very much. =D