Reviews for "Shades of Green"

Favorite song

I don't know why but this may be my favorite song of yours.

I don't know why.. Wait, I say that too often...

This really gives me a summer feel. Noooo idea why(HAH! REMASTERED IT THIS TIME!). I love it, I love it and I LOVE it. Really makes me feel like sitting under at tree just staring out over the ocean or something, and I'm putting this on my NT-playlist :] I don't even have to mention my score, because it's getting pretty standard. So. Still listening to it for the first time, I still love it, and I think someone should make a fan-page for you someday. I'm not the person to do that as I don't know shit about how to make them....... *embarrassed*

This brings me nostalgia.

I miss the year of 2008. Great song NemesisTheory.

Moving my Mind

I simply cannot get enough of this song <3 It moves around inside my head and I just lose myself in it... Brilliant piece of music!! Makes me want to sway to the beat. ^^ ps. I'm currently listening to all your songs going back through the years, although it's taking a while, I've yet to find a single song I don't like.

Living proof of art!

This is perhaps one of my favorite work from you =] <33333