Reviews for "Shades of Green"

Always liked your music, been listening it for a few years and this track is just amazing! Great Job! :)

Sounds like Donkey Kong 3 Aww damn how memories went by so freaking bad!! ugh :'(

I feel Coldplay inspirations in the beginning. Totally that new song they have out right now.. "paradise"

For 5 minutes, I Feel like Evething is possible...

I Repeat the same words from "APXypher"
This one of the most energy songs i ever heard.
Makes me feel calm, and like everything will be better...
Thanks NemesisTheory For this beautiful piece of heaven...i really love it.
Keep The Good Work.

This Song Differs From Other Songs. A LOT

Often Trance is about Rave or Ambient, but you miraculously combined those two genres together without any conflict, and it rocks like diamonds. I like the piano, it's so good that it's killing me. It give people the feeling of tranquility and nostalgia, and it's different, it's much better and calmer. Another big hit after Edge Of Faith, I salute to you, the talented music maker.

You surpassed ParagonX9.