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Reviews for "DOOM 8bit"

8-bit ftw

You like doing 8-bit, don't you? :)
I'm not too fond of the high pitched sounds, but despite that it's pretty cool.
Doom rules btw :D


pheel responds:

I do indeed :)
Hell yeah, Doom is epic :D

Thanks very much :)


but i was listening on earphones and the right pan hurt my ear lol

pheel responds:

Hehe, sorry about that ;)
Thanks for reviewing :D

the only doom i've played--

is doom 3 i think, the 1 on the Xbox (i played it at my cousin's house) coz frankly he SUCKS at that game, and i dont have an Xbox =) (he gets freaked out by zombies sneaking up behind him) but umm.... ya, this sounds like 1 of the songs in there... somewhere...

pheel responds:

As far as the Doom series goes, Doom 3 is without a doubt the worst one :)
Seriously, you can download Doom 1 for free, look on Google ;)

Super-catchy =D

^^ nice !

8-bit songs rule. Good work :)

pheel responds:

Thanks very much :D


I love this game and have been waiting ages for a loop like this, keep it coming!!


pheel responds:

Glad I could finally relieve you :P
Thanks for the review :)