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Reviews for "DOOM 8bit"


sick :D 5/5

pheel responds:

Thanks very much :)

Old, but new

It's simple. Anybody could do this. I mean, my nan could do this.

The difference is, my nan didn't think of doing this, and neither did the rest of the world. Fair play.

I can't pick much out of this tune at all, so I'm not going to bother. It was written by a guy that stole riffs from metal tunes that he loved and twisted into a dark and meaningful setting. He almost always used blues-like progression and was always restricted by the sound cards of their day.

To bring things back a step further is cool though. Let's face it, we're hearing a tune on the computer hardware that might have been around when that very tune was conceived. Well, close anyway.

Pheel, I can't give you too high a score, because you didn't write it, but as a guy who's remixed many of the tunes from Doom before (I really ought to upload one) I know that this is an original sounding mix. Fair play.

pheel responds:

Fair doos mate :)
Atleast you liked whatwas there ;D

Thanks for reviewing

If theres was doom for snes it would be like this.

Not kidding.

pheel responds:

Err.. there was Doom for the SNES :P
Seriously :)

But thanks :D I appriciate that :)


ive checked some old 8-bit songs and they were remixed the same without rock...
but i loke rock songs mixed in 8-bit go figure...anyways niceFG

pheel responds:

Swings and Round-a-bouts innit ;)
Thanks very much :)


I am so making this a ringtone thx dude.

pheel responds:

Awesome :D
Glad you liked it mate :) thanks.