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Reviews for "DOOM 8bit"

Almost perfect

You certainly captured the Doom feel of it. It just seems to be missing something. Not sure what though.


Not as good as your Guitar Vs. Piano 8-bit but as a life-long Doom fan I have to appreciate the effort at least. My only problem with it is the static-y sound of the percussion. Other than that it's not bad. Looping is a little noticeable in a few places but it doesn't ruin the song.

slaXor has a point, but...

An 8-bit system would be able to do better than this, but you still captured the 8-bitty feel pretty well. Just work on the looping.

Horrible rendition

An 8-bit system would certainly be able to render something much more pleasant than this mess.


Sounds like an 8bit.... I love it... NICE JOB

pheel responds:

Thanks a lot :D
Glad you did :3