Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 8"

I have seen your others flashes.....

and they are much better than these, so stick to the others why dont you. And if you are to continue making this PM shit at least add a new formula to the dialogue. Im getting tired of
"Hello my good man, I am the Pube Muppet, I would like you to shove a ___ up my ass blah blah blah"
"Im sorry but we dont sell ___ here."
"What the fuck, what kind of piece of shit establishment is this?" Fuck off and let me be"
Yaa ive gotten bored of the same lines over again.
Make another with more original ideas that arent stolen from every other PM author, or you could just stop. Add some actual animation too.
However, this was marginally more funny than some others, so I gave you a 2 for humor.
Ill be getting flash hopefully in 2 days, then Ill show you what a real flash is.

LollypopClock responds:

Assuming your going to get flash in 2 days, I bet you it's going to take a while to submit a really good movie. Also if you like my other flashes why do you want to show me what a real flash is? Besides if you don't like pube muppet, why watch the movies?

Sick, but Funny

The jokes were really sick, but my stomach is still hurting from laughing!

LollypopClock responds:

Thanks and I hope you stomach gets better.



LollypopClock responds: