Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 8"

Enough With This Pube Muppit Crap!

These were funny when there were FEW of them. There's way too many of them now. The only actually humorous ones were the originals, by DrunkinMagikoopa, or whatever. You know, when the idea was fresh, and not regurgitated babbling.

boo hoo hoo

You really made me cry and you hurt my feelings..

Yea...right....good try though...I see that we still haven't grown up yet.

I will still continue in the tradition of the great HardJudge except I won't succumb.

Funny as hell

Hello my good man, I will give you a 5 for some of your yummy yummy ass excrusions.


lol, better every time...

LollypopClock responds:

I know.


God damn. 8 friggin collections, all of which are GREAT! That was very funny. Graphics were pretty good. Could use some work though. Animation was nice too, could also have been better. Pretty sick stuff that came out of the PubeMuppits mouth, but it was very funny. I enjoyed it. Excellent work. Keep it up! Cant wait for a 9th collection!

LollypopClock responds:

I would spend more time on the graphics but I wanted to get this out before the ed of the year. And thanks for the good review.