Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 8"


Long Live Pube Muppet!!!!

w00t! The next collection has been released!

Damn! Why do I always miss these delectable movies? Oh well, this one was one of the best out of all your collections, because:

1. 8 is my favorite number.
2. You used my script for PM Studio and Pube Profiles.
3. I'm co-author OMGF!

Wow this was all teh shiznit! Love the PM, loved the vast variety of adventures, loved it all. Great work!

- BlueCherryClock (Pube Puppy)


He just cracks me up,give me a pm collection and ill vote 5 every time!

merry xmas

Where's my poopy poop pan for christmas?

YES! ANOther pubic adventure!!!

i luved it! i actually depend on these 4 entertainment and hope 4 a new 1 every week!!

still, i like it better when he doesnt hav talkin arrow thing (i like him as pube muppet, not pube clock)