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Reviews for "CRT_1: NYAN"

Not too bad. Not very familiar with blender art so I can't say objectively how awesome it is, but subjectively this is def awesome!

A Blender masterpiece! :D

Pogger for getting front-paged mate

ninjamuffin99 responds:


Saw dat stream, well done!

It's cool to see a fellow Blender user. Btw idk what you did to cables but the way i do it is curves. Just make them one by one in the most realistic way i can without them being repetitive.

How did you do the blurry line effect on the nyan btw?

ninjamuffin99 responds:

i just used 'paths' or whatever, and then they have a geometry property hehe

for the nyan cat, part of the blurry line is the compositing stuff (chromatic aberration, glares, etc. ), but the general screen effect I used some CRT shader I found online hehe, ill hook u up with it on discord