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here's your review =)

Mmkay, so I'm done playing poker, and I said I would come on over and ship out a review. It may not shock you, but I used to write long reviews like you have when I first created an account here. I kind of don't know what happened, so I guess I just lost my touch in writing, which I guess is why I'm sticking to writing screenplays lately. Anyways, on to the review.

The beginning (heh) is kind of funny. Sounds like it's coming straight out of a radio, oddly once the beat comes in, it instantly just sounds like a normal part of the song. I might have to try that sometime in the future. Or once I get FL or something, I might just have to remix this =P

I so badly want to see what's next for this song, because it has all the supplies to be the best song on NG, just as you say your having problems with it, which is a shame. It's got MANY flavors of some of my favorite artists (ATB, Cordis). I mean, when the beat is going, it's an awesome song, but I think the song really shines when their are no drums backing up the synths, which is almost similar to ATB's style.

Like I said over MSN, the pitch bend near the 4 minute mark is possibly the msot beautiful thing I have ever heard on NG. I honestly can't compare it to anything else on this site, and it's such a fresh aspect to the song. It was so unexpected to hear that and I'm just completely in love with it.

If this is not to be and this song can't pick up, I would just put in a notion that that melody right there is totally worth it to keep moving. I don't exactly know what the trouble is, because this song is just working wonders for me right now. Once the song cuts out, you could of easily brought back that melody that I'm loving so much, if it didn't fit with the notes, you could of easily rendered it somehow to fit. From there, it could o just died down like any other Progressive Trance track would.

The song does not have to be energetic really. It's perfectly serene as it is, and if I was working on this, I would keep it exactly how it sounds. This is by far my favorite song from you, and I just hope you don't give up on it so quickly, because it's got A LOT of potential.

10/10; 5/5

Karco responds:

It's actually not that shocking to me, for some reason. :P

And I guess I can see what you're talking about with the radio. Though it's just a raw VEC2 loop. XD A remix would be awesome, I'd like to see where you'd go with this. You definitely have everything you need. :O

Best song on NG? Ha, I wish. And yeah, the Cordis influence on this song was huge, though I told you on MSN I've only listened to two of ATB's songs, once or twice, as well as a few 30-second previews on iTunes, if those count at all. XD

Once again, ha, I wish. XD Glad you like it that much, it kinda is a big part of the melody. :D And that's just the problem. I know exactly where to go with this song, I could finish it if I wanted to, probably before June. It would be well over 8 or 9 minutes long, and you, and everyone else, would probably like it even more. Thing is, I'd be forcing it to happen. :\

Yeah, it's got a lot of potential. :) Thanks for the review/high ratings, I'll consider it.


I totally agree with APPS about overrated unprofessional songs getting the attention, instead of the ones that really are good and don't get any. This is one of those said good ones. The only thing I can say thus far is that I think the bass could use another layer, at least in the intro so far because there isn't so much of a groovy bass sense going on, if you catch my drift X.X The pads are damn pretty... :D The blips seem fine too. If I was listening on monitors I might be able to give you more specific critique but from what I'm hearing now things sound pretty fine EQ-wise. The song seems to get muddy upon the entrance of the snare at 2:20, I guess because the snare takes up a lot of the leads freqs. 2:57 is cool with the breakdown-within-breakdown thing. Nice sidechain there too. Some pretty cool chords, but nothing I haven't heard so far in the song, until that lead at 3:56, which is damn cool. It's carrying such a good melody too! Aha, I can tell this song is going to leave me hanging, Nooooo! The melodic climax at the end is cool but I feel like you can do something different with the leads/chord progression; maybe you haven't gotten that far yet. Anyway, sorry for the long review; I tend to leave those. This is a great track and this is the kind of stuff I want NG to have more of! ^.^

Karco responds:

There are overrated unprofessional songs that get the attention, but it's not that big of a problem, often the better ones make it up there - Pulstate's songs were on the All-Time Best last week and this week, for example, and xKore's song View made Weekly 5th this week. It's timing and luck mostly. ;)

I've never really tried layering bass synths, mostly because of the mess in the mix (which is a mess already in my opinion) it would cause if I did it wrong. I could have, I guess, possibly with a less bassy synth to make mixing easier.

I don't mind the long review, I actually prefer it to, say, a completely useless one-liner with a ten out of ten rating. ;D Thanks, and glad you liked it.


This is friggan nice, I listened to this for a few hours with out realizing it o_o;

Karco responds:

A few hours? That's a long time. :D

Thanks for the review!

thats amazing


Karco responds:


On rare occasions

This just puts a smile on my face, you made my day! 'nuff said

Karco responds:

Good to hear! :D Thanks for the review.