Reviews for "Karco - Beginnings(Incomplete)"

what a nice style

you have KINDA the same style as Dj Tiesto, and you are without doubt as good as him (better in my opinion) really nice song man, like the drums and the build up is great, doing one note for that long and then just release it when adding more slowly throughout the song, really beautifull concept, genius =]

the soundquality is really great, and the part added at 1:30 really blew me away, you really deserve your spot among the greatest tracks ever on NG ;-)

great bass and the synths sound great (z3ta or Nexus, Vanguard or what do you use?) cause i got to say that everything meshes really nicely together and the overall 'image'' of this song is truly great, gz on making it onto the greatest track ever!


very well done ;-)

come check me out man, my newest songs =D

Karco responds:

Seriously... this song has been compared to Tiesto, ATB, no doubt someone else who isn't coming to mind, this is ridiculous. XD

You liked the sound quality? Well I'm not complaining, though listening to it now nearly three months later, I think it sucks... I DID like 1:30 though. ;D

It's all Nexus, I used a few expansions as well, probably Dance Vol. 1, Store N' Forward, and/or Dance Orchestra, I don't know exactly which ones.

Thanks for the review(s) and the high ratings, glad you liked it! I'll check your stuff out soon. :)

Beautiful pads.

However did you synthesize them, and with what? I've always been trying to get that "feeling" in a pad but they always come out sounding like saws.

The melody took a dive here and there, but tolerable with the other parts.
Great work, can't wait for the full version

Karco responds:

It's all ReFX Nexus, I didn't synthesize them. :P I believe I used an expansion or two though, probably Dance Vol. 1 and Store N' Forward, they're the two I used the most at the time. I might have used Dance Orchestra for the strings in there...

I doubt I'm going to make a full version out of this, I don't like the mixing all that much and it'd be changing the song too much to fix it. Though I might make a remix sometime. :D

Thanks for the review!


this is just wonderful. it has the vibe of ambient with trance in the melody. i just cant wait when you finish this masterpiece.

Karco responds:

Thanks, though I doubt I'll be finishing it. :P


I totally agree with APPS about overrated unprofessional songs getting the attention, instead of the ones that really are good and don't get any. This is one of those said good ones. The only thing I can say thus far is that I think the bass could use another layer, at least in the intro so far because there isn't so much of a groovy bass sense going on, if you catch my drift X.X The pads are damn pretty... :D The blips seem fine too. If I was listening on monitors I might be able to give you more specific critique but from what I'm hearing now things sound pretty fine EQ-wise. The song seems to get muddy upon the entrance of the snare at 2:20, I guess because the snare takes up a lot of the leads freqs. 2:57 is cool with the breakdown-within-breakdown thing. Nice sidechain there too. Some pretty cool chords, but nothing I haven't heard so far in the song, until that lead at 3:56, which is damn cool. It's carrying such a good melody too! Aha, I can tell this song is going to leave me hanging, Nooooo! The melodic climax at the end is cool but I feel like you can do something different with the leads/chord progression; maybe you haven't gotten that far yet. Anyway, sorry for the long review; I tend to leave those. This is a great track and this is the kind of stuff I want NG to have more of! ^.^

Karco responds:

There are overrated unprofessional songs that get the attention, but it's not that big of a problem, often the better ones make it up there - Pulstate's songs were on the All-Time Best last week and this week, for example, and xKore's song View made Weekly 5th this week. It's timing and luck mostly. ;)

I've never really tried layering bass synths, mostly because of the mess in the mix (which is a mess already in my opinion) it would cause if I did it wrong. I could have, I guess, possibly with a less bassy synth to make mixing easier.

I don't mind the long review, I actually prefer it to, say, a completely useless one-liner with a ten out of ten rating. ;D Thanks, and glad you liked it.

pretty good

i'll admit i am an asshole to almost every one on this this site because of their over rated unprofessional songs that can get them famous only on newgrounds, but this is proffessional, club trance, honestly just as good as some of tiesto shit, anyway this is exactly what i am trying to achieve (the genre) when i make songs, so can u send me the fruity file i just wana see pretty much how it looks, and dont worry i wont steal and post the same shit on NG (even if i did why would u really care this is newgrounds... )

also i dont like the beggining but at 1:10 its amazing untill the end of the song

5/5 4.47 / 5.00 (+ 0.0044) 10/10

Karco responds:

Dunno, I don't send my project files to just anyone. :\ I've been sending my file for Unleashed to everyone who's asked for it if you're willing to take that one instead, but this one I'm not going to give away as easily. ;) PM me.

Glad you liked it, thanks for the review and the high scores!