Reviews for "Devoluted"

I disagree with aphex twin thing

To heavy, there stuff is more creapy scrathy stuff.

On to this, I I love the drums and the heavy bass, but it's very simple.

real potential

awesome bass line, man. Just like Emuzin said, I can hear a lot going on with that bass line.


Well done on the Bass. I was listening with headphones and omg was that just
awesome. Keep up the good work and lets hope that someday will come with the vocals.

Aphex Twin

Bits of this song had resemblances to Aphex Twin, and that is always a good thing. Overall good job :)

Quite nice

I guess it's becoming more custom to have pauses in your songs. This didn't really give off much of a feeling of action as it did a feeling of taking something away. While I'm not sure what "devoluted" means, I'll bet it is taking away something. I was impressed by the minor technological sounds this made. I look forward to listening to this if it ever does have vocals. It isn't the best of songs, but by adding stuff like vocals, it could be really good.