Reviews for "Devoluted"

Not what they said.....

I am digging this groove. I think the bass should be grittier, but it still works. Also, it loops right, even though it is placed as a song. I'm not going to compare it to anything. One tip for you...you changed out the riff abit by 1:54....which is good....something to come back in from....try adding some slappy bass (like Chili Peppers feel) and kick-it with a tequila synth remix -golden and smooth...horns (not blaring trumpets)....some french horns and saxes...baritone saxed...killer man---I can hear all that with just your bass-line. Great Piece...Peace.


And this is why i have you on my fav's list... :)
I wish i had the time 2 go to all my favs and give 10's on all of them... but i dont.. maybe later.
I think our styles need 2 have there own genre here at NG.. XD
(love the leads man!)

I would just like to say.

that this song is so awesome, it gave me a new idea for a book. I love you for that. THANKYOU!


if u need vocals ask me im good i just make mi own music cause all im good at is vocals

Like and action movie!!!!!!

Now this is frigin sick!!!!! You Got some skills man Respect :)