Reviews for "Sno' Problem"

Great game

Nice job good game. It had good action and it was pretty hard. I hated that guy who you couldn't kill you just put him in here to piss me off. It had good humor in between levels too. Nice job funny game

SNOW FIGHT (nuff said)

well i like how you can hit the guys on you team which they intantly laugh at u but the best part was in level 2 when they do drive by snowballing


good game when is the next rab comeing out?


I mean, it was kew how u put in the hampster...but it kinda sucked cuz it got annoying after like 5 seconds...the intro was good, and i thought it would be a good game, but it wasnt, it was purly average...

not bad

its a good game but, i wouldnt recommend playin it high its too hard