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Reviews for "Evolution of the Unicorn"

Meh, kinda kewl

It's amazing since its so old, but nowadays, it's merely good.
Anyone who has done/tried to do their own flashes know how hard it is and this ones really interesting.

Ps. guza-kuruza -> I think he meant the unicorn evolves.


Unicorns dont have wings. At all. You surely ment pegasus. They have wings.

[No Title , Like Everytime]

pretty good animation ... so awesome =o


Good animation...
I like unicorns^^

(ringring... helloo?? Ringring... he,he,hellooo??? Gingring...) XD
Sorry but since part 3 of the series, this doesn't get out of my head,
especially when I see unicorns, or hear the word unicorn.... *rofl*


well not as good as your oother movies but...

this was nice and as much as I saw it didnt end up being a pegasus it was a pegasus with a unicorn horn...