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Reviews for "Imp, episode 4"

woo-hah, really funny.

the voices at the meeting scene was a little hard to hear, The scene where they gave roger the finger was funny, and so was Zody999 for killing an angel, oh yeah, i forgot how john died, did he die in the first place? i no know.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

John died in the previous episode, being eaten by a hamburger..Originally, that was John's very first death scene, the extra death scenes in episdoe 2, and episode 0 in it's whole were made after this

god this is sweeet! (and being really cool!) lol

hehe, another one! sweet.. lots of good quality smurf killing in this one! lol.
that animal channel was LAME, and that must be why it got exploded!! lol!! the 'expensive cannon' was pretty cool... it was very well drawn.
the IMP meeting scene was quite funny... all those ppl just poping up! like Arnie! hahah... "blah blah blah, lie lie lie". lol! vote for arnie dude!! good to see they were finally earning some money, i also hate smurfs, and it was good to see Grumpy gettin some! lol! "i hate being on fire!" omg, funny. and the SPUDS... damn, just added to the funnynes of it... lol...
but i was disappointed that there was no fight scene between them and the IMP :( , o well... lol, atleast that gay angel got shot!!
so overall, MORE great work! keep it up man.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

it was a 2 parter, spud and imp go fight in the very next episode.Around this time, i had smurfs in ALL my movies, but after a while people grew tired of it.After episode 6, rarely any smurfs :(

allriiiight!Its nr.4

I have nothing to say except the same thing that i said last time.Great!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Okay, thanks.

He didn't know what he was talking about...

Your movies rule..they really do..Still some people don't realise that the whole point is that the animations are crappy and the sound is F*ct up...it's just so damn funny...My friends keep telling me that these movies are retarded but they know nothing...You guys are my Gawds!! To Recite H-Hog:Rawk On!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Well, when seeing these scores i can only say one thing:THe people either completely love it or completely hate it..Anyway, with episode 11 I give me drawing style a big boost, so i hope it`ll make the ungratefull people a little..err..less ungratefull..I don`t mind if people give me bad reviews tough, as long as the have GOOD arguments, instead of just "you suck".And maybe i should interact more with my fans..Maybe i`ll send you a copy of episode 11 as far as it is now to ask if you think it`s improved..Yeah, why not...ANd Thanks for your review.

Please, no more of this!

i didnt watch most of it becuase the sound and animation was so annoying, not to mention pointless. this kind of thing makes me angry, people trying to be funny and failing misreblly! its just so lame...you've clearly spent a while on it, here's some advice. read the hitch hiker's guide to the galixy, hopfully that will give your futur anamations a boost.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Hmm, hitch hiker`s guide?Never heard of it.Till now, i got about 72 reviews and only 4 people saying they didn`t think it was funny(and about 30 people who didn`t say why they gave me a bad rate, so i don`t know the thought it was funny)It still makes me think most people like the jokes.Of course, everyone has it`s own taste, so I`m sorry you didn`t like it, but i don`t think I`ll stop..I`ll get angry fans..Not that there are many...Ahum, afterall, it`s getting better slowly, and if this guide of yours is helpfull I`ll be getting better even more.Thanks you for your review and actually saying why you didn`t like it..Still, is 0 a little to severe?Hope your teachers are less severe, hehehe...