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Reviews for "TLoZ - Dark Hyrule Castle"


This reminds me of the time I was just a kid and I was about to go fight Ganon in Legend Of Zelda: ocarina of time. I was so nervous because my friend told me he was hard to fight. I was humming Ganons tune as I was walking up the stairs to the tower.

Oh my gosh YESSSSS!!!!!

I loved this arrangement of the song in Minish Cap itself. You've taken it and done something truly fantastic with it. I love the electronic influences, it reminds me a lot of the Twilight Realm theme :) 5/5


Just awesome!!! =]

great but.....

this song is following me im freaking out!!!!!!
but beside that itis great =)

P.S.please make something that doesent make me freak out(cause im sure it will be great).

Link is about to fight Ganondorf......

there is not much time before he destroys Hyrule, but link is there to destroy him....