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Reviews for "TLoZ - Dark Hyrule Castle"


weird comments on this song, people saying it is scary and they are getting nightmares... if this song makes you scurrd then listen to this band, you'll pee on yourself and have a siezure. http://www.myspace.com/bornofosiris
well written, just not diverse enough in my opinion.


this makes me feel like crying, cuz it's just that overwhelming. just...amazing

Phreaking awesome

This sounds EPIC.
Doesn't get better than this.
A little bit more chorus would be to my liking.

Well done!

you make koji kondo seem like an amateur, make moar!

holy crap

this is honestly scaring the crap out of me. seriously. you put the whole feeling of fear and dread into this musical piece so well. god....I am gonna have nightmares from this lol