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Reviews for "TLoZ - Dark Hyrule Castle"

Awesome work

This reminds me of the minish cap alot it makes me want to play it again.

Shut up Adamntechno!

your dumb every Zelda game was Hardcore So technically YOUR the not very hardcore person for no liking the Minish Cap. The Minish Cap included something from atleast every game previous to it! It was a GBA masterpiece! Plus I love Vaati! So you know what suck on a Ordon Pumpkin. Great song dude I love to hear more Zelda Minish Cap songs from yah.


Not very LoZ feeling at all...(i have played every LoZ game there was, through at least 4 times. Even the GBA,NES ones.) 8/10 Because it's a good song. I would love to hear a good remix of the first fight between you and ganon in "A link to the past". (he was just called plain ganon back then) The only people that would really like this are not very hardcore :[ no offense but that's just kinda how it is...

Not trying to be an A$$ or anything.

Epic win

Favorite Dark Hyrule Castle mix.
I'm favoriting this... 10/10 and 5/5
Wish I could make one this awesome. I tried. >.> So yeah, no criticisms, at all.


Dude, what the @#$%? That's just plain not scary. It might be used before a boss battle maybe, but, really, I don't see how this will give anyone nightmares. Babies, maybe. 7/10 because it's a good song.