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Reviews for "TLoZ - Dark Hyrule Castle"

Pure evil

This is the song of evil and corruption. Probably the best piece of music ever!

man this sounds good

you can practicaly imagin vatti or ganon sitting in a throne contoling there little octorocs haha


Amazing, this makes me want to go and dig up my copy of Minish cap.

The Power of the Dark side

Don't know what game this belongs to, but whatever Zelda adventure it was, this is an awesome tune, really deep and interesting,, give me more.

good job.

I like this song, never played Minish Cap though, but it reminds me of the Dark Temples in Link to the Past (same tune).

Anyway, @ ZeldaMaster01...

He never said he didn't like the Minish Cap, he just didn't like the song as much as you do.