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Reviews for "TLoZ - Dark Hyrule Castle"

Certainly a dark Hyrule to me

WOO a song remix to my second favorite game series!!
It has the Hyrule Castle main theme to it, which is nice. It caputers the Dark essence, for the most part, but I think it coulda used more bass.
Keep it up ^.^


Simply amazing,this dark style totally fits, are you planning on more of this kind on Zelda?


:D awsome

Agreeable with NintendoRuler1

The arrangement of this castle theme is appropriate because the original theme was also slow-paced. It's more like a remix, and not an arrangement. I do like it though. [downloads]


Well to bad slygen thats metallica this is ZELDA OK! so if you dont like it why bother commenting and get everyone else worked up. so its good and amazing and yes it does sound like a link to the past but who cares! its still good! god damn!