Reviews for "(2003)Marrie Ecks Mus"


Geez! I never Knew Tom Fulp Was That Tough! (I always figured he was just some geek...)BACKHAND THE TREE! haha Great flash man! You know just how to make a Christmas special!

Knox responds:

maybe he is a geek ,but compared to us hes the terminator! =o

WEll I'll be damned Knox....

You have managed to improve on every Clay-mation short you've done so far. Whats even more amazing than that is they've all been good. It great when you can improve on something that already enjoyable and its rare. Any who, You get no negative criticisms from me this time! Happy holidays!

Knox responds:

hehe thanks!
its the saxman! eedububupudub..wait..thats scatt man..wait..
thanks saxman :)

*sniff*you made my christmas eve!

that was truly awesome.especially the big cameo at the end,i loved that part.HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!I HOPE YOU GET LOTS AND LOTS OF PRESENTS!like a naked lady,or something.:)

you made my holidays

that was great and is your name really robert benfer oh and merry christmas eve and christmas and new years


Your like the energizer bunny. Your mojo just keeps goin and goin and goin...Knox and Tox are a great team. Do you guys know each other, like, live close to each other, or s this just an e-relationship, as it were?

Knox responds:

nah its an online thing,we like each others work so we think its cool to collab :)