Reviews for "(2003)Marrie Ecks Mus"


lol i loved it 1" pssh your thnking of easter" funny stuff "tom fulp he doesnt even know about christmas" and "teh kite thinks your gay" "tell him in not gay" "he's not gay... im sorry but the kites nto listening"

christmas is about violence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow, tom wooped them and gave them gifts... how touching.

hahaha stupide kite

o gawd this flash is awsome, i loved every moment and the best part was about the kite, you can't come, w-why not?, the kite thinks your gay, what.. i'm not gay..tell him i'm not gay, hes not gay, the kite isnt listening right now so you'll just have to stay here, o ok..., h-hey what the? where did the kite go? o well i guess u can come after all apparently the kite thought i was gay to, lol totaly genius, o yah and Merry x-mas yall (^_^)


Yay, Christmas time has rolled around again :)

yes the greatness

Boy I will Backhand anyone who says this isnt good because I rules so much.. I hope the Kite doesnt think Im gay