Reviews for "(2003)Marrie Ecks Mus"

Mind Numblingly Boring

The only reason this passed with a high score is because people like to suck up to Knox and TomFulp. But in reality, this is really boring, and I've made much better claymation than this. 100x better.

funny as hell!!

great movie!

but, um, tom can you make a final fantasy day, because on september 14, 2005 "final fantasy 7:advent children" is coming out on dvd; it's the sequal to the game that helped all rpg's thanks

funniest script i ever heard

i know the authors wont read this, but id just like to say thank you for that, it made me feel good

Yes, amazing.

I love all your klaymations, I've seen this so many times now, I'm eagerly awaiting 'I'm not your friend any more' and 'Klay World: Off the Table'. And canti-sama, please, if you emailed Knox with some sort of question or something I'm sure he'd reply, but if you tell him to email you without even giving him a topic to email you about then please don't badger him, but I can understand how cool it would be for you to get an email from The Knox.


YOU ROCK!!!!! Hey knox, e-mail me!!! Its canti 714 @ aol . com.I put spaces so it could be posted. PLEASE e-mail me knox!!!!