Reviews for "(2003)Marrie Ecks Mus"


Nice 1, i liked this, i dnt often give 9s, lucky sod.

That beats everything on newgrounds!

I Bow down to you, Tom Fulp, Knox, and TOXICBOMB. You Guys rock
Keep it up


Excellent work guys!
Well animated and brilliant sound quality :)

Keep up the good work you lot!

^.^ yes, you CAN buy a tree on X-mas eve

ok, my mom made this ( what now I would consider tinda kool ) cardboard tree, when I was about 7, and I was really upset over it. Well, my dad went out ot the Safeway, and out in the parking lot, this guy was half drunk, and selling trees. He got the smallest one he had ( we had a very small house at the time ) for about $8.00

ANd so CHRISTMAS WAS SAVED! Heh, I thought santa had given us a new tree...

Anyway, pretty funny, and this is the first work of your's I have seen.


Only decent part is where tom throws them down.