Reviews for "Hitchhiker's Guide [Galaxy]"


I really liked it, flowed well. While not as technical as your other work it still gets through and sounds pretty damn good while doing it. The book and movie are both good too.

5/5 - 8/10 (Once again just because of the style)

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks man :) Glad you like it! c",)

Love It

This is really great! I love the vocals you do. Usually the vocal arangement I have istened to arent very good but your are exellent. Keep up the good work!


SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks! This song might be the one deviating the most from my usual style - so Im happy I managed to please you, kind sir. I'll take that 8 and treasure it dearly ... forever ... insanely ... and creepy.

Well now.

I heard this real fast not too long ago, and I love the intro to the song. Your voice is hard to get use to, it almost doesn't fit. But now it's growing on me a bit.
Nice job, maybe aim again for a flash some day.

SkyMarshall responds:

Well now ... thanks =) Im glad its growing on you. An eight is more than descent. Didnt expect much for this one, as it goes a little out of bounds from my usual stuff. But thanks. and for a flash - this would probably be great :)

Thanks man =)

lol this

Could you redo it? It deserves an update. Especially since you pulled it from a good source.


Nice lyrics. Okay composition musicwise.
Other than that? Well... sorry but no. This is one of the few songs of yours that gets a low score from me (although not as low as it could have been).
3/5 and 7/10.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks =) Once and a while I just have to do something different. I like experimenting with different things. But 7 is good =) Appreciate it!