Reviews for "Hitchhiker's Guide [Galaxy]"

hehe awesome stuff

Anyone who remixes The Eagles, like this. Deserves a prize my man. Very well made. Everything sounds wonderfully mastered. Keep it up man :)

SkyMarshall responds:

Haha, yeah thanks for the 10 man =) I do love it c",)

Wow dude...you've been busy...and HOW!

You should pitch this idea to the BCC. I hear they might make a second movie or rather RE-DO the ENTIRE series.

Some great works of Fiction should NEVER be forgotten.

MAN! I can totally image this being the Theme Song for the Opening or Ending.

(On a personal note: I like the Newer looking Robot vs the Older One. But he Does make a Cameo in the Movie. The Old Robot stared in the Old BBC TV series. You can probably still catch it on youtube.)

It's probably the most intelligent/bizarre work of science fiction this world has yet to read/listen/watch.

SkyMarshall responds:

Hehe yeah, this franchise IS a work of genious - no doubt about that :)
Thanks for the reciew man ... I'll go watch the movie now!

Don't Panic!

Don't panic if some 42 people might not like it, because I love it! Really good music. Plus, someone just stuck this in a flash for ya! Might be deleted soon though... A fun fact on the Milky Way Galaxy:

It's approximately 3 times ten to the forty-second power KG. Douglas Adams new more than he let on...

SkyMarshall responds:

He knew more than he let on, indeed! Thanks for the heads up on the flash. It wasnt the most spectacularararallylrly rly(?) around, but it was a flash. And it said "42", which answeres it all.

And to close it off:

"It is most gratifying that your enthusiasm for our planet continues unabated. As a token of our appreciation, we hope you will enjoy the two thermonuclear missiles we've just sent to converge with your craft. To ensure ongoing quality of service, your death may be monitored for training purposes. Thank you."


Just god damn amazing. Listening to this makes me reminisce of the books. They were amazing. And it also reminds me of the death of Douglas Adams. The world lost a genius that day. But brilliant work man. I love your music.

SkyMarshall responds:

The world lost a genious, indeed. Thanks for your kind words, sir! =)

More great work

Again realy good work as always

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks =)