Reviews for "Hitchhiker's Guide [Galaxy]"

I agree with most people..

The intro didn't fit in. But other than that it was great music from a great artist.

SkyMarshall responds:

People tend to hate the intro, and get sucked in later on. Maybe I should do something about that soon :) But thanks for the 9 man ... thats awesome =)


erhm, the beginning didnt quite cut it for me, just kinda weird:P but after that the song got better and better, but you could've lost the intro, :P but as said, other than that the vocals are cool, how do you record and such in FL? been trying to do so myself but..well well, good song ;-)


SkyMarshall responds:

Guess it is time for me to re-visit the beginning and change and add things :) Glad you like the rest though. Anyway, I dont record in FL. I use Cubase SX3 and Adobe Audition 1.5, using a RODE NT-A1 michrophone hooked up though a Roland UA-4FX (at least for this one, upgraded a little since then). Thanks for the review lad =)

this is so awesome and i love the show also

this is awesome to the max

10 out of 10

SkyMarshall responds:

And I'll take that 10 and love you a bit for it :)

Don't remove!!

Or we will all be very mad at you. Why you ask? Because this song is AWESOME!!! so don't yo go and remove it. O.K.? Good. Also keep up your great song making!!

SkyMarshall responds:

Too much good feedback to justify any removal :) Thanks for the 10 man =)

Nice bg

Nice orchestra bg. Which software did u use for orchestral pieces? I'm only using fruityloops, dun hv others.. :P any recommendations? btw, ur voice reminds me of depeche mode, camouflage n "big in japan"! :D

SkyMarshall responds:

If I dont remember wrong, I used Hypersonic for everything in this one :) Thanks for the 9 and the review man =)