Reviews for "O see how I drown in this sea"

Envious :)

Just to let you know, this is the first piece of yours I've seen and I love it. I really dig it, very detailed! What do you use? What is your medium, software?

Zigan responds:

Photoshop CS4
Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet

Thanks for the kind words and the 10! I only hope you view more of my work. :)

Very Sexy!

I know everybody's not saying it but i know they're thinking it.. She is HOT!, Well done, her boobies look great and i like how she's fit and not to muscular. Great job on the face too


If you can do this when your sick i cant wait to see what you do next.
Colours and shades are just right so don't worry about that, this is such a high quality image, i love the way you can see each individual strand of hair.

Well done and keep it up.

It's pretty sweet

I'm giving you a ten for two things. One: This is one of the few M rated pieces that is not violent as hell or overly sexual. I mean she is naked, but it is in a tasteful manner. And Two: I swear too God it moved


Simply amazing