Reviews for "The Happiest Coach"


It was quite sweet, and the voice did make me laugh.


That was cute. I love chocolate too! And I know I've seen something like tht before in one of LF's cartoons (The Ganondorf one) if anyone is reading this find Legendary's Frog Ganondorf cartoon and click on that squeaky doll at the credits many times. You'll find a cartoon similar to this. I wonder if you made that one as well. n.n

Point is I loved it! But I'm not sure what fell from the sky. Pom poms? Red brocollis? X.x

Haven't a clue.

Yatta yatta...

it could have been better...

It was ok, for a cartoon about....

a gay cheerleading coach....cause' I know that's what a high pitched man is, Lol:).

The bad animation was a bit funny though.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
90% of all male cheerleaders are gay....it's been studied....by someone.....somewhere....I think.


You totally owe me a "b" point, dude!