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Reviews for "The Happiest Coach"

Ah, LegendaryFrog chooses his allies well...

Á là best Final Fantasy VII parody ever... yes?

Oh yeah, I can call'em.



LOL! it was funny , only reason you got 8 lol

This movie is ridiculously cute

This cartoon is awesome. I love that fact that its supposed to look like a little 3rd grader's crayon drawing. The voice is perfect for the part and I just couldnt stop laughing at the chocolate part. Great show BOE. Great show old chap. "yumyumyumyumyum!"

O.O That was legendray Frog?

Well I kinda like it. It reminds me of my sister who acts like that (same voice, same idiot talking). And I just can't belive that was LegendaryFrog. O.O NEway, Keep up the good work, dude! YOU ROCK!!


It was quite sweet, and the voice did make me laugh.