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Reviews for "The Happiest Coach"

and another thing I love is ChocolateYumyumyumyumy

Awsome dude Made my day happiar nothing funniar then a cheerleading coach that loves chocolate!


This was SO freaking adorable. I was giggling through the whole thing. I love your style. Almost everyone left such mean reviews... I thought this was awesome!
She reminds me of my old volleyball coach. o_O;

Isn't Mr. Blanchette's voice just the cutest? <3

BOE responds:

Thank you for the nice words. Yes, Joey can make his voice sound incredibly cute. I can do the same the same thing with my voice, but I can't keep it that way for very long. That's why I asked Joey to do the voice for me.


Hey Tabitha123, Hardly any male cheerleaders are gay. It's like... been studied... by someone... somewhere... i think...

Great movie.


i liked this it was cool

^,^ it was cute!

To the guy who said it sucked, can't you tell that the guy meant to make it look like that, it's kinda obvious! But otherwise i thought it was pretty cute, and the voice was sooo funny!!!