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Reviews for "The Happiest Coach"


are you sure you didnt just steal that from a retarded kid and put your name on it?


Goddamn, that sucked. And the way you throw around the fact that Legendary Frog did the voice makes it so obvious that he is the movie's only selling point.

Why did you have to associate his talent with this... crap?

Fucking Sucked Major Ass

Why the hell would you even put this up, it's fucking garbage and it should go straight to hell with the rest of your shitty cartoons!

Why submit this?

This was just terrible - the graphics looked very poor, there's not much point to the movie, the voice is unclear leaving the movie as a mystery. I'd say more but there's not enough of a movie to comment more than that. Bad doesn't come close to describing it.

Yatta yatta...

it could have been better...