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Reviews for "The Happiest Coach"


i liked this it was cool

Uh Oh, Something went wrong...

That sucked, but luckly i'm broad minded other wise i would er, not going to say it in public, cos it's bad.


You know Legendary Frog's "Return of Ganondorf"?Did you do that chocolate factory thing at the end? If so, cool.Please tell me.



Hey Tabitha123, Hardly any male cheerleaders are gay. It's like... been studied... by someone... somewhere... i think...

Great movie.

It was ok, for a cartoon about....

a gay cheerleading coach....cause' I know that's what a high pitched man is, Lol:).

The bad animation was a bit funny though.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
90% of all male cheerleaders are gay....it's been studied....by someone.....somewhere....I think.