Reviews for "The Happiest Coach"

O.O That was legendray Frog?

Well I kinda like it. It reminds me of my sister who acts like that (same voice, same idiot talking). And I just can't belive that was LegendaryFrog. O.O NEway, Keep up the good work, dude! YOU ROCK!!

Legendary Frogs voice over eh?

That alone gives a good score(compared to what i was going to give...) oh boy he will never live this down. You made for your coach?? lol he must have been impressed ;) Keep up the good work.


I see........your coach seems a little crazy.....

^,^ it was cute!

To the guy who said it sucked, can't you tell that the guy meant to make it look like that, it's kinda obvious! But otherwise i thought it was pretty cute, and the voice was sooo funny!!!

Why bother?

This was simply terrible.
The graphics looked very poor, there is not much point to the movie.
The voice is unclear leaving the movie very blan.

I'd say more but there's not enough of a movie to comment more than that.
Bad doesn't come close to describing it.