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Reviews for "The Daydreamer (IDM)"

running in a sigh,walking towards smile

It has nice rythm that make you relax. At the same time it has a unique spin because of the addition of the synths. It also has a beautiful and dreamy sound. the sound makes you feel like you are relaxing in an open space.
What this song personally says to me is " relax, life isn't that bad" It tells me of refection and meditation. I like it it's a new spin on your "darker" work.

DomesticTerrorist responds:

Yeah, I took a little break from my Industrial stuff to make some general electronica stuff because it's been a while since I have made relaxing music :D



just plain nice and relaxing
loved it

Freaking awesome.

This audio kinda reminds me of Final Fantasy 9 when your just walking around the world. The rhythm was really good. I actually felt the pace of the song. The melody was quite catchy. Kinda got me hooked on it. Although this was really repetitive, I didn't mind it since it was necessary. I can daydream to this song, as the title says. I really liked this. This was Fantastic. Beautiful Work Terrorist! :D

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I like the tune a lot! the melody is catchy, and oddly not repeatative. As rule as thumb whenever I can hear the same melody for three runs through the song, it's amazing, and this sir is just that.
I love the classical guitar riffs, and the accoustic riffs overlaying over it... drums sit in the background perfectly, and the bad is almost intoxicating.
Give me more :)

The only possibly complaint I have, is sometimes you have a little too much going on so the volume of some layers pushes others out of the hearing range... that's more of a personal qualm though, to be fair, you still got a 10/5 from me!

Good music for bicycling

I liked this so much that I downloaded it on to my MP#. I like to listen to it when I bike.