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Reviews for "The Daydreamer (IDM)"


Thats One Of The Best Songs I Ever Heard. I Give It A 10.

oh dude

its a fucking awesome song


love it! its sounds so soothing awesome <3


Its so cool, I think everyone thinks that to. its just so cool and it goes on and i cant resist not listening to it. definetly a fine piece of music. I love it


I like the tune a lot! the melody is catchy, and oddly not repeatative. As rule as thumb whenever I can hear the same melody for three runs through the song, it's amazing, and this sir is just that.
I love the classical guitar riffs, and the accoustic riffs overlaying over it... drums sit in the background perfectly, and the bad is almost intoxicating.
Give me more :)

The only possibly complaint I have, is sometimes you have a little too much going on so the volume of some layers pushes others out of the hearing range... that's more of a personal qualm though, to be fair, you still got a 10/5 from me!