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Reviews for "The Daydreamer (IDM)"

something amazing

I completely agree with what you said about this song. i could listen to it all day and get lost in my head. great rhythem and style man. loved it!


i was gud ( dancing in a wide field full of flowers ) lol

nice song

nice down tempo song. i agree with micklure, its indeed worhty of the term IDM

Very cool.

This track is pretty cool.It has that nice feel to it and it does give that feeling of daydreaming.The beat is a tiny bit repetitive but 10 stars for ju!

Very original

I love it when I can find or make a good song that is easy listening, but stands out enough so that It actually has character. You pulled this off very well. I love the mix of guitar and synth. The guitar alone seems to be in 6/8 time signature but then the drums make it an obvious common time. In musical terms, that's called a hemiola and it's very hard to pull off and still make it sound like it belongs, but you did it beautifully.

DomesticTerrorist responds:

Yeah, it was a lot of slicing/tempo change in cubase with the guitar before I exported it for use in FL :P

Thanks for noticing!