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Reviews for "The Daydreamer (IDM)"


Man... This song is pure. It really is pure. First off, I discovered it by playing Topple on The Game Homepage, and I just loved it, then I just found it on here. The way I love this song could never be expressed in words, images, any art whatsoever, but it's worth a try. It's just so fantastic and chilling that it's the PERFECT song you want to listen to when you're angry, when you want to bring your mind on something else, when you want to bring back good memories. It's a very unusual song to find on Newgrounds. For that fact, I want to thank you a whole bunch for sharing your work, for making me want to solve my problems.
Thank you.

Keep up the pureness, and please don't stop yet.

Great Song

I forgot about this song, glad I stumbled onto it. Thanks for the submission!

Take's me back to my Chrono Cross days...

...man...where do I begin? Wow, I am simply stunned as all hell can be. Never really thought I would hear something like this from you honestly. But you totally just blew my mind man, the sound is just so epic. I want to close my eyes and lay on the beach and just drift away forever listening to this.

EPIC 5/5
EPIC 10/10

~DJ Dark Cloud

DomesticTerrorist responds:

:D thanks for the review, I'm surprised this song is still getting reviews haha.


This is awesome! The beat, the music, the flow, the mood just blend together nicely!!!


why are you on newgrounds...?

this is so good man.