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Reviews for "Hip Hop GLaDOS (Portal)"


That is all

one word....


i LOL'd the whole song

its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny XD and i dont even like rap :P

Oggy-cheese responds:

me neither :P I'm a big heavy rock fan, I just thought hip hop and glados would go nicely together xD

I agree with NightNgale.

This is good, but it is definatly lacking something.

I wasn't mad keen on the general feel of it.

However, keep practicing, and uploading, I would like to hear some more of your stuff...

You definatly have potential =)

Oggy-cheese responds:

yea, It's a bit of a problem I have, I can't get the sound a want, it always sounds a bit.. shallow, I will have to look into it at some point. Thanks for the review anyway.


Glados has some mad robot rap!