Reviews for "Hip Hop GLaDOS (Portal)"



At Last!!!

FInally, that stupid 'WEEEE' comes in handy! Great job!

Please tell me

Were did u get her lines? I want to do something like this so please tell me. please please please..and I like the song but personally for my own taste it is pretty slow.


Actually GlaDOS wanted say "We congratulate you" or something like that. Because in german she says "Wiiiiir gr..." like "Wir gratulieren ihnen" what "We congratulate you" means.

PS: I'm a big fan of Portal.

Oggy-cheese responds:

The clip was taken from the bit when you first do a big momentum jump. I think it's supposed to be a 'weeeeee' as you fly through the air kind of wee. But of course it was very monotonous and well, had to be used in a song. xD

wh333 wh3333 wh3333333

lmao i love this man, straight onto my iPod, dancing round college singing this, my friends gvae me wierd looks like i played it on the PC for them, and they all knew who it was

its great doing games development lmao!