Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"

thank you for playing

One of the best remixes I have ever heard. It's calm and very relaxing nice piece of work keep it up.

it is so beuitifull

it is soft, relaxing its just perfect truly a beutifull piece of work


i need to play a sonic game.
id forgotten till this jarred my memory how all the CLASSIC sonic games alway had a air of sadness to ther credit music.

like ha feel bad you completed the game, that means its over!

i mean sonic 2's ending music is what i always pictured would play if sonic ever got killed in the fiction.

ArienV responds:

Yeah the sonic 2 credits is more of a fitting orchestral piece, there is indeed something sad about it, thats why its so good.


I've never beaten 3 so I wouldn't know what the credits sound like, but after hearing this they must sound pretty good.

This is one of the best remixes I've heard. This really sounds like an orchestra! With the detail to the music of whichever instruments would be played in this is just phenominal. Well done, and I look forward to more of your remixes.

SOOO Relaxing

I could stroke Tails Doll (the doll who peeps only MAKE him scary) to this music. And we both would fall asleep... (sleeps) ITS SOOO RELAXING!!!