Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"


Holy crap was that awesome. Keep up the great work!

The beauty of strings.

Very well done with a nice bit of soul that you added with the piano on the side to hold the melody on the strings down. Not many can make something soft like this in which it can harness true feeling within work.

Full marks

~Solar Zero

ArienV responds:

Thank you so much! Yeah I took a lot of liberties with the piano. It's my fav sonic song so I cared a lot about keeping it true, yet bringing out its stringed potential.


That's incredible work. I prefer this to the original!

ArienV responds:

Wow thats a tough call... Thankyou though!


This is a much calmer remix of this song it's a seriously great effect, probably my favorite. Great use of violins. This is a very unique remix.

T_T my childhood i will miss you

so many great memories all because of sonic 3. i played the game so many times with my friends,who i lost in touch with. and my dog i got on my birthday along with the game. just brings me back to the good old days T_T great job