Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"

...pure awsome, man

This is amazing. I get a feeling of joy when i beat a sonic game and hear the theme,
unlike anything else. for the 1st time i felt it out of a sonic game. right here, man. right here. you are amazing.

ArienV responds:

It makes me so happy to hear this really touched you ^^


That's incredible work. I prefer this to the original!

ArienV responds:

Wow thats a tough call... Thankyou though!


just wow...

Beauty at it's best.

I recognized this for Sonic Shorts: Voume 3.

It truly gives the relaxing feel with soft melodies and soothing instruments. It gives me goosebumps! Thanks for the submission!

Good Times,

the memories this song brings back after stomping sonic 3 and knuckles with Hyper sonic. the great many hours that would shut myself in doors and would quit eating just to beat the game without stopping. now i have to dig out my sega and play again for old time sake.